Here Come Angels


Here Come Angels

Ganapathy blowing conch. Says Here come the angels.

Group of angels come running.
G. asks who are you?

Chorus: We are Shaktis. We are Siddhis.

1. I am Anima. I make you an atom. So you can't be seen.
2. I am laghima. I make you lighter than air. So you can float.
3. I, Mahima. With my help, you can become a galaxy. What power on earth can shake you?
4. Isitva. You can control the environment.
5. Vasitva. You can control yourself.
6. Prakamya. You will cherish great desires.
7. Bhukti. I give you health so you can enjoy.
8. Ichcha. Your will becomes the will of Goddess.
9. Prapti. You will surely get what you want.
10. Sarva kama. I will fulfill all your desires.

G. If I want misery for others or myself?
Chorus: We can surely give you that. But what is the point?

G. Some times I feel like it.
Chorus: Be careful what you ask! Because you will get it!
G: Like Midas? 
C: Yeah, like Midas.
G: How will I know what to ask?
Isitva: Good question. I can help you find it. I will teach you how to control your tongue.

Chorus: We will teach you how to control your tongue. Your senses. And moods. So Don't be afraid to ask.

G: What brings you here?
Chorus: People in this world have lost their hearts. We want to bring the light of love into their hearts. So they can love more and hurt less.

Isitva: Too much violence and anger.
Vasitva: Too much loneliness and suppression.
Prakamya: Totally unnecessary.

Chorus: Together we can cure the ills of people here.

G: How? I have been trying. Not much success yet.
Chorus: By bringing love into the hearts.

We will teach you how to love, sing with the colors float on air and dance with us.  We will teach you to love all and become light. that's what you need that's what you are, but forgot it a lover first and a lover last.

G: Yes, I sometimes feel very heavy. 
I can use some weight reduction. Do you run a health spa?
Chorus: You just ask! We do anything.

G: Why are you, (coughs), uh, not wearing any clothes?

Chorus: We don't? Oh yes, we forgot what they are long ago.
It is below our dignity to wear clothes.

Tell me why, my friend,
The sky doesn't wear clothes,
the winds are naked,
the fires are nude,
the lakes don't have cover
the vegetation doesn't cover bosom of the earth.
And why, why, why,
people cover themselves.
Perhaps to hide imperfections.
Beauty doesn't need clothes.

Isitva: I will tell you why. To separate themselves from one another. We are one and we know it.

G: Are you not ashamed to expose your bodies?
Vasitva: What is shame? I don't understand it.

Chorus: It is our will to be seen as we are.

The flowers are the source from which the fruits come.
Are they ashamed? Would you rather cover them ?
In Mother's creation every thing is pure, nothing is sinful nothing pretends to be what it is not.

G: Are there more of you? Or just ten ?

Chorus: Of course there are.

Each of us is a billion yet the million thousands are one.
Like each of you is a billion of living cells.
Thousands dying every second, thousands born, yet, are you not one individual?
Whose life are you living my friend?
When cells die in your body are you dying with them?
There is one life flowing through all of us.

G: Is that the Mother?
Curtain closes.

Sudden change of weather. Sounds of thunder. Bolts of lightning. Winds raising dust. First drops of water falling. Sweet smell of earth hungry for
rain. Sounds of lashing rain.  More thunder, more lightning. Sahasrakshi appears in a lightning. Radiant, glowing, smiling. Zoom into Her face.

She speaks: Her lips don't move, but She speaks.

I come to this world to spread the wings of love and make you fly like angels.

I am the energy of love, life and light.

Surrender to me. I will lead you to the realization that you are God, You are me.

There is no you, no me. We are one. That is the truth. Love brings people together.

Respect love. Do not degrade it with anger violence or lust. Making love is my worship.

This earth torn by fear. I bring my angels to help you with your journey to greatness.

Do not resist them. They are here to help in your darkest hours of melancholy. Hrim.