Kundalini Sadhana: A fine art of Healing

Kundalini Sadhana: A fine art of Healing

My dear friends,

I am writing to tell you about healing.

Usually we make two mistakes. One is that we think with the mind. Second is that we think using language which linearizes the thought. The very first of Patanjali's yoga sutras says, "stop the vortices of thoughts. Stop thinking about the same things again and again, going in circuits. That is Yoga." The grand question is how can one stop thinking?

I would like to say that we don't have to stop thinking, but we do have to think in a different way. We normally think with the mind. Stop that. Instead, think with the body. Think with the body? Yes, think with the body. Shift the thinking to a place other than the mind. Where else than body? (Well, there are other answers, but for the moment this answer will do.)

We have to understand that there is an intelligence in the body. Body is also mind. It can be aware. It is the pathway to mind. The pathways can be aware themselves. They are the precursors to thoughts. You can easily observe the way the vibrations, currents, vortices, feelings, move and circulate in your body. Not only in the head, but also in various parts of your body. The paths have the same intelligence as the mind. This is the basis of the statement: stop thinking with the mind, start thinking with the body. Let go of the mind. Don't analyze. Just be aware of what the body is telling you to do, do it. Then both knowing and acting are thoughtless.

How does a child think? With the body. It has not learned language; to name, analyze, cognize. But it is aware. It does not know fear. Become a child once again. Unlearn what you have learned. This is where I would like to begin the sadhana or practice.

I request the Goddess, Devi, to bless you to heal yourself. As Devi, I bless you.

Why not ask Devi to heal you directly? Because, 1. you should have the desire to be healed and act on it; and more important, you may not have accepted it yet, 2. You are Devi yourself. If you say no, Devi is saying no, and so Devi will not heal you. So you alone can heal yourself.

Now, assuming you said "yes, I want to be healed," then here is the way to act on it. Unless you act on it, healing won’t happen. The process is quite safe, and I am with you, so don't be afraid.

Choose a comfortable place to sit or stand. Noise is the biggest distracter. Even a clock sometimes can be quite troublesome. Choose a very quiet place which will not disturb you. Have no witnesses. Only yourself. Don't use a chair as it limits your freedom. An open stool is OK. Wear some thing very light and loose. Wearing nothing is best, if you are comfortable with it. Draw a circle around you, saying, nothing bad can enter here. Imagine a firewall around you like a globe. You are in the center of the 4 dimensional (3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time) fireball. Say, "I am full of energy here and now. I have nothing to worry or be afraid of right now. I am not in time any more." (Note: I have chosen a 4d fire ball so that astral entities who know the fine arts of moving in time also can't disturb you, and you are freed from fear.)

I am the Shakti in You. I am working in You. I am you.

Give yourself permission to move. Now start moving your head and neck slowly, ever so slowly that you hardly perceive it, but you know you are moving it. Never force yourself beyond the point of comfort.

Keep moving. The energy inside you will direct you to move in certain ways. Totally unpredictable. Can you predict how the smoke coming out of a lighted agarbatti (incense stick) dances in convective patterns in a still place? All such ways are OK. Keep releasing tensions. Let the body do the thinking. Give it a chance to think. Your body has an in-built intelligence. Let it work. Become totally aware of the part of your body that is doing the moving under the guidance of an unknown force. The unknown force is the innate intelligence of the body.

Move your neck. After some time (you will know when) start moving your hands. Move them any way you like. They are the healing hands. Move them over your body, ever so lightly. Feel the touch, the warmth sensually. Give yourself permission to be sensual. Feel the energy pulsating in the contact between your hands and your body.

Move like a wave. Or a snake. Poised, ready to strike. Move your head like a snake. You are the snake. A snake is not afraid of a snake, is it? It is itself. What is there to be afraid of? Yourself? It is the healing energy that feels like a snake - lithe, subtle, forceful, capable of infinite variations in expressions. All your fingers have collapsed to a single tip like a bud of a flower.

Give an energy bath to all parts of yourself with your hands. All parts. Feel the vibrant white light flowing through them.

Do this as long as you like. A typical session may last 20 to 30 minutes. Then thank yourself, your Guru, Devi, and your environment. Then get out of the body-thinking mode, out of the fireball, into the world of time. Into the world of language. Into the world of linear thinking with the head.

You will start seeing and experiencing the power of this technique. You will be alive, healed. Your mind rested. Body healed. Thankful you are alive. Pleased. Peace within you radiates to others. You will be noticed. You will help others without fear of losing what you have. You will have known the truth, I = world I see. Soham.

In normal transactions, you lose what you give. But can you lose if you are everyone and to whom can you give? Or receive from whom? If there is a transaction, it is between yourself and yourself. Like having two bank accounts, money just moved from one to the other. You haven't gained, you haven't lost. Lakshmi is Saraswati. The more you give, the more you get. You can't give without getting it back. Then fear of loss of money goes. For this to happen, you must know who you are. Now you know that you are everyone. The more you love, the more you are loved. All love is total “Self”ishness. It is only loving oneself. Because there is none other.

Even death can't catch you. When you are seeing your funeral through the eyes of the others, are you dead or alive? You can't die. Death is a lie. So, fear of death goes. You are permanently dead or permanently alive. Both mean the same thing. You have moved from being an asura to a sura; one who is wanting immortality to one who is immortal. You were already immortal; but thought you were mortal; so you sought immortality; gods cannot give you that; they cheat you; finally, only you can give yourself that; by becoming aware that the last step was the first step; that you are already where you wanted to be.

Yes, that is all it takes to heal. You will feel the powerful healing that has taken place. You feel a new awareness permeating every move you make; poised, purposeful. You will not want to create any turbulence. Even when you open a faucet, you will want to make the water flow smoothly, because you have become aware of the violence in a turbulent flow. You will prefer harmony to disharmony. Order to chaos. Naturally. You will be a source of joy to others. Loved, respected, accepted everywhere.

You will become sensitive to other's misery, suffer with them like Jesus. "O God, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing." Or be like Krishna. Enjoy the Gopis, the beauties in the world.

Is suffering inevitable? No. You can choose to suffer with others. Or choose to enjoy with others. The choice is yours. What is your take?

We want to heal those who want to be healed. And enjoy those who are healed.

Jesus healed is Krishna. That is why East and West together sing, Christna, Christna. Combines both, sort of.

Enjoy yourself. Healing is loving yourself. The world is yourself. So you will naturally love the world. And the world loves you. Abundance is yours. Without asking for it, begging for it. Without negotiating for it.

This is the message of the Goddess. This is the revelation. It reveals you to yourself. It is the mirror to what you were and also to what you can be. It looks into the past, and into the future at once. It goes beyond the straitjacket of time slotting.