999 Shiva Shakti Aikya Rupini

Shiva is the knower. Shakti is the known. They appear to be separated in space and/or in time. An interval measures the distance in space and time together. More precisely,

(Interval)squared = (Distance)squared - (Time difference x c)
squared. c is the speed of light = 186000 miles/second.

Aikya means union. They were not united, but now we unite them.
Meaning, we reduce the interval between them to zero.

Aikya Rupini means having the form of union. Form of what? Form
of the zero interval.

There are two ways this interval can be zero. First way is to make distance and time difference both zero. That is, the seer and seen are at the same place and same time, that is, they are one and the same. This is just the state of being. There is no power in that, not even the desire or the power to move.

The second way is that space and time differences exist, but they are equal. The interval vanishes when spacial interval = time interval x c. This is the interesting case of dynamic power.

Siva is the power of being. Shakti is the power of awareness, desiring, knowing and manifesting. When these two merge, it becomes total power to be anywhere/anytime, to desire, to know how to and to manifest the desire, any desire.

This is the secret of this great mantra. This teaches us how to become total power. Power to be, power to know, power to heal, across great distances or time intervals.

For example, we can be any place we want in zero time. Teleporting. Not physically of course, but mentally. We don't even have to know the path, because we are not going along any path; there is no path. We don't need telephone lines; sky will do.

For example, we can do absent healing. For doing this two conditions are necessary. First, our form must be made of light, so that we can move with the speed of light, then time freezes for us, and then distance does not matter. We can be anywhere in zero time. Second, the desire to heal should exist. Then healing is automatic; for, what disease can afflict light?

If you become light and wish to manifest any thing anywhere, you will manifest it. A universe, if you wish.

As a physical being, we are not made of light. As a mental being we are made of light. This is how the power of visualization manifests the visualized. This is where visual symbols, called yantras come in. They are our mental visualizations, so they are made of light. They have the intelligence of cosmic power working through them. All forms are yantras. They create space, time and matter.

This great mantra teaches us that all powers are in us. It is for us to find out what we want and use the spiritual techniques to get what we want.

Let us consider some practical examples of applying the mantra and the yantra embedded in the mantra.

What is the yantra suggested/embedded in the mantra? That she has the form of the union of Shiva and Shakti. The physical form we can relate to manifesting our desire is to think that the linga and yoni are in union. Geometrically we can think that the triangle is the yoni (Shakti), and the circle inscribed in it is the shaft (Shiva).

Where do we go from here? The place we want to go to is different from where we are, right? So it has an interval, think of that as the yoni. I, as Shiva, have to place myself there in it, to achieve the unity of Shiva and Shakti. So what is the visualization? First I imagine the triangle. Then I go into that triangle and visualize the place I want to be, not worrying about the path. Presto, I am there with an astral presence. Those who can calm their minds, can see me there, talk to me, do whatever they want with me, love me, or kill me even; but I am here too. So I may be dead there, but alive here.

But, wait a minute. Suppose I want to heal the relationship of a woman and man, and I am a woman. I can map her into my yoni and him as a linga entering it, witnessing the union of Shiva and Shakti. Their relationship gets healed. The difference from the previous example is that I am not going anywhere; I am mapping their presence into me.