The following story is taken from Brahmanda Purana describing the exploits of Goddess. It was a bird’s eye view of Mani Dveepa meaning an Island of Jewels. Lustrous Goddesses like Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati dance there with 64 Yoginis & Apsaras. All are well versed in the 64 arts of expressing love. Each one more beautiful than the others, they dance and laugh and play half-clothed. Heavenly courtesans like Rambha, Urvasi, Menaka and Tilottama go about unclothed demonstrating the 64 arts of passionate lovemaking as gateways to liberation. There is neither any sense of shame nor doubt nor any criticism.

Mani Dveepa is the great pleasure resort of Goddesses. Kali’s attendants guard the entrance so that no male entity could gain entry.  All male Gods were kept out, including Brahma and Vishnu. They approached Shiva and prayed to him. “O Lord, We are not allowed to see this great carnival of Goddesses. Terrible Kali Herself is protecting the entry.  Please see with your divine vision what is happening there and at least describe in words the pleasures and games of Devis. Shiva told them: “This is Devi’s play, Her Maya. I cannot fathom it. Parvati has prevented my entry also. I tried seeing with my divine eye. Alas, it does not work.” Then the Gods told Shiva. “If that be the case, Oh Lord! This will be the first time the great God Shiva who is a Sarvajna, the knower of all, is prevented from knowing something”

Then Shiva understood their concern and took the form of a 2-year-old baby to enter the Mani Dveepa. The gatekeepers and the dancers saw him and said, Oh! It is only a 2-year-old baby. He does not know anything about sex. He is liberated, being shameless himself. Let him come in. Shiva entered and saw the totally open beauty of the Goddesses. He has seen what no one else has seen about the playfulness of the divine beauties. He experienced the ultimate in beauty and pleasure. He saw how the Bhairavis play with each other. He came to know how Parvati enjoys in Mani Dveepa, which he could never see in Himalayas. Shiva himself is totally uninhibited. The pleasure he saw got into his head. He started dancing wildly and started playing inimitably on his drum.

Soon Parvati’s eyes fell on this child prodigy, for how can talent be hidden? The crescent moon hidden in his locks was seen by Parvati. She understood that Shiva himself came in disguise. The secret doors to whatever the ladies wanted to hide have been opened. Every lady opens herself to the linga, and so is nude in front of Shiva. But for the sake of the world she has to show the sense of shame. So what to do now? All ladies conferred and quickly decided that somehow what Shiva had seen must be a closed vision to the rest of the world. So all of them said in one voice: let us freeze his age at two and make him our son. A son never reveals the secret of his mother even if she misbehaves. All the Yoginis lifted their skirts and placed him in their laps. They taught him the ten great vidyas for liberation. He became the universal son to all the Yoginis, Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati, Apsaras, Courtesans, Devis and their sub-Devis. Like this they bound Shiva’s expression. Shiva  could not describe what he saw being only two years old. All the Gods were stunned. What is this? He was a man and now he is a child attached to his mothers. Their desire to see the pleasures of Goddesses was not satisfied. This is the story from Purana. The story continues today.

Devis regretted their hasty decision and decided their happiness could not be complete without male Gods.  They felt, now the time is ripe for revealing the secrets. Why now? People are seeing orgies secretly. It is better if they accept it publicly to get rid of their neuroses. Lust is necessary, for it is the spring of life. Given the suicidal technology, there is great danger in coupling lust to violence. The need of the hour is to express lust through all fine arts: like song, dance, sculpture, painting and devotion. Otherwise the earth will be destroyed.

So they have let in a present day person to witness and record the erotic plays of Goddesses in sculptures. The Devis are named in Khadgamala. They attend on Adi Shakti in Sri Chakra, another name for Mani Dveepa. All Goddesses and Gods descended there enjoying an unending carnival called Nityotsava in their subtle forms. People who do sadhana there do experience them in meditations. 

Mani Dveepa has descended to Earth at Devipuram to put an end to cruelty and bring creative joys to Earth. Go there to witness, enjoy and be blessed.


Ariel view of the Sri Meru at Devipuram