Rituals purify the mind and body and create pro-life attitudes.

Time is Siva and Life is Shakti.
Time has to scan Life to have any experience.

For example, when sleeping, time is not flowing, but life is
there. We don't experience anything. Again, time was flowing
when we did not have life. Then also we don't experience any

So, the universe of experience is the play of Time and Life,
of Shiva and Shakti.

There are ten great tantric paths to realizing the state of
experience beyond the limits of space, time or senses. They
can be divided into two branches, benign and aggressive
respectively called the Sri Family and Kali Family.


Seeing Goddess A short procedure for all to get first-hand
experience of Goddess

Understanding Sri Chakra Puja An introduction to the puja of
Goddess Sri in the form of Sri Chakra

BY AMRITANANDA, Devipuram, India

What comes first: faith or experience? In my case, I first
had experience followed by an unshakable faith. Is it
possible to repeat this for everyone? I think not. This
little book gives some procedures which I found to work for
me as well as some others too. So, I hope they also give you
experience of Goddess first so that faith can follow. These
procedures are easy to follow by any one. You only have to
suspend disbelief, pending discovery. If you practice
regularly every day, then you will be able to feel, then see
and then talk with the Mother Goddess like I was. And then,
you will follow her instructions.
How long it will take for this to happen ? If your attitudes
are pure and innocent like a child, may be about a month
will do. Other wise it will take longer, say 30 months. You
must commit yourself to doing every day at least some of the
procedures given here, preferably all of them. You may need
to spend 1 to 1-1/2 hours to complete all of them. You may
divide it into to three groups in whichever way and perform
at 6 A.M., 7 P.M. and 10 P.M.
The procedures given here are all very powerful.
Occasionally you may have over-powering emotions, you may
not be able to bear them. When Arjuna was seeing the
universal form of Krishna, he was afraid and could not bear
it. At such times, your Guru comes to your rescue. Guru can
be a person who has given you Mantra Diksha, or a Sidha seen
in your meditations, or your favorite God or Goddess. In
case you are afraid, you invoke their presence and energy
into you; your fear will go. .

All Shaktis are in you but they are now asleep. The power of
seeing in eyes, hearing in ears, tasting in tongue, smelling
in nose, touching in skin, walking in feet, grasping in
hands, thinking in mind, feeling in heart, procreation in genitals;
like this all powers are distributed in all parts of your
body. They are working under the single power of life, which
we call the Mother. If the life is missing or reduced in any
part of the body, that part can not function well. Even if
we are fully awake, we are in a state of hypnosis and the
powers are not able to function well. For example, you are
able to touch what is near to you but not which is far.
Similar is the case of seeing or hearing at a distance, the
ability to know past, present & future; and the ability to
enter another persons body and experience through the
organs of that body etc. All these powers are in you; but
they are now sleeping. How do you awaken them? How do you
empower yourself to know your fullest potential ?

What is needed is ATTENTION.

ATTENTION means the ability to focus the mind at a
particular place or event to exclusion of all others. For
example, Dronacharya asked Arjuna in a test of archery, ?
Are you seeing me?? Arjuna replied, ?No, I am not seeing
you. Neither am I seeing any other person. The only thing
visible is eye of the bird set up as a target?. That is what
we mean by attention. Only the place or event that we are
focusing on must be experienced. Nothing else must be
experienced. It is such an attention that helps.

If you are able to pay such attention to all parts of your
body, then the powers residing there will be awakened. The
union of all such powers is Devi. DEVI MEANS YOUR LIFE. Only
if you have life, your eyes can see, ears can hear etc. So
please understand that parts of your body are the real
Shakti Pithas, the places where powers can be awakened.
When you sequence your undivided attention to all parts of
your body, all powers of awareness will expand. When this
expansion takes place, your life becomes powerful. You will
be able to feel, see the mother goddess and become one with
Her. Along this path, you will experience closeness to Devi;
will have a form like Her; you will be able to live in a
world like Hers; and finally you will be able to attain the
highest goal of moksha.
The body needs work and the mind needs rest. For your health
to improve, for your body to become light, for your mind to
become free from the cage of your body and play freely in
the worlds of Apsaras & Devas and for you to be like them,
you must decide and allow yourself freedom. Then only you
will experience the Goddess. You must decide that you will
not object to freedom from rules and regulations made by
other men who are not awakened and accepted unthinkingly by
Every one desires freedom, unlimited happiness or wealth.
But when such opportunities do come, their memories, social
status and fears of others disapproval become their
handicaps. They bind themselves hand and foot by their own
thinking patterns. They suppress their independent thinking
and freedom and do not permit themselves unconditional love
and bliss. They continue to spend their lives in misery. To
overcome such self made miseries and to set you free, some
affirmations are given at end. Read them every day and if
you like them, make them your own. You open the seven golden
gates to freedom yourself this way.
For direct experience of the goddess, this booklet may be
helpful. Let go of doubts, fears and inhibitions. You can
contact me without any fear of being judged as an equal
friend. I will always be with you, no matter what.

1. Morning prayers
2. Locks
3. Breathing exercises
4. Withdrawal
5. Guided visualization
6. Flowing awareness
7. Creating an Astral body
8. Harmonizing the energy wheels
9. Positive affirmations

1. Early Morning prayers
Om Om Om Om Om Om Om Starting from the point where your body
makes contact with the earth to the top of your head, fill
your whole body with the sound of long drawn out ?Aaaa Uuuuu
Mmmmm? 7 times.
Gurur Brahma gurur Vishnuh Gurur devo Maheswarah
Guruh Sakshat Para Brahma Tasmai Sri Gurave namah
All creative ideas and acts, all actions to nourish and
protect, and all dances (movements of body with awareness
for example, like Tai ichi) are our teachers. The supreme
teacher is transcendent, beyond the realms of rational
thinking and feeling, of space, time and matter.
Om Sri Maha Ganadhipataye Namah. (4) May the elephant headed
lord of all positive and negative archetypal emotions move
us to positive thoughts and thus remove all obstacles to our
efforts to expand our consciousness.
Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah
Tat savitur vareniyam
Bhargo devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo yonah prachodayaat. (7) Imagine, or see the red ball
of the rising Sun; or, seeing the light in your prayer room
attentively, offer seven spoons of water to a flower. (This
has the effect of opening your inner 3rd eye. If you are
looking at the Sun directly, please make sure only that the
red or orange Sun only is seen. The brighter Sun has the
effect of burning the retina).
Now imagine a round or square wall of fire surrounding you.
Imagine that innumerable lightning's are flashing in the
wall. This visualization protects any jealous forces that
might try to disturb your meditations and progress.

2. Sitting postures and Locks.
You may sit at the edge of a seat with the edge of your
buttocks resting on it, and keep your hands on your knee
caps. Then your spine will become erect and you just can't
fall asleep. Or, if you have a back problem, you can rest
your back against a wall with a pillow supporting the back.
This should be OK. Both these postures allow you to forget
your body and connect you to the wheel of power in the crown
of your head. The other posture which gives you a mild
pleasure is the following. If you are a female of a light
build, press lightly your right or left heel into your
vagina. You are likely to experience sexual pleasure which
is desirable and not to be worried about. If you are of a
heavy build and unable to do so, you may make a ball of a
napkin and sit on it in such a way that it has a similar
For men the best posture is to press a heel lightly between
the base of the penis and the testes such that a light
erection takes place. Or else, make a ball of a napkin and
sit on it to press on the ejaculatory sphincter muscle
between the testes and the anus. This posture does not allow
ejaculation to take place. Technically it is the easiest
alternative to Siddha asana, the posture of attainment.
Once you settle down in a sitting posture, there are two
mudras and two bandhas which you will practice, each seven
times. The first of the mudras is called Aswini, discovered
by observing the mare. This mudra repeatedly tightens, holds
and releases the anal muscles. The second mudra is called
Shakti Chalana, which means moving the energy. This mudra is
similar; but works with muscles which control passage of
urine. To do this mudra properly, you have to observe first
what muscles are acting when passing urine and suddenly
cause the flow to stop. By repeatedly doing this you will
learn to exercise the proper muscles only. The purpose of
both these mudras is to arouse the desire for sex, but not
to satisfy it there. The desire has to be released by a
mental orgasm.
After exercising each mudra seven times, you do the anal
lock and tummy lock seven times each as follows. Take a deep
breath filling the belly out like a woman in her late
pregnancy, contract both the urinary and anal muscles, hold
it as long as comfortable, and release the breath with a
hissing ?Sssss? sound making it come out of a curled tongue
projecting slightly out of the mouth. This is also called
the Cobra breath, or the Kundalini breath by ancient Yogis.
This is Mula bandha, the anal lock. The next step is to
exhale fully, pull the tummy in and up like a lion, exerting
a pull on the muscles surrounding the gentals. This is
called Uddyana Bandha. Do each of these bandhas 7 times.

3. Breathing exercises

You should not do breathing exercises when the stomach is
heavy. Leave at least 2 hrs gap after meals. ?Ha Sa Kha?,
mantra for loosens bondage to your physical body and enables
astral travel. Let us use a slight variation of this
mantra,?Sa Kha Ha? which means ?She is your friend?.
Breathe in deeply with left nostril with the sound of ?Sa?
filling the belly like a pregnant woman. Hold for half that
time with the sound of ?Kha?. Release with the sound of ?Ha?
from the right nostril. Holding the breath outside, draw a
triangle on the top palette with the tip of your tongue.
This connects the Indra Yoni with the physical yoni. It is
is helpful in controlling the powerful Kundalini powers. Now
breathe deeply in from the right nostril with ?Sa?, hold
with ?Kha? and release with ?Ha? and draw the triangle, just
as before. This pair constitutes one breathing exercise. Do
this seven times.

4. Withdrawal.

This procedure removes the tensions and heals various organs
of your body and so allows you to escape from body
awareness. Sit comfortably in any easy posture described
above. You may make an audio cassette of the following to
keep track of timing and body parts and visualizations. You
can also buy one made by Amrita. 1 min. Pay attention to any
sounds outside such as that of a fan, ac, people talking,
birds singing; or from inside such as the heart beat, any
currents flowing in any parts of your body especially in the
lower belly area.

1 min. Close your eyes. Try to remember and see the walls
around you and the roof top.

1 min. Feel the regions where the weight of your body is
resting on the ground. Become aware of the contact with

1 min. Feel the chest rising and falling with the
breath. Keep attention on the wall of the chest and the
nipples. Pay attention for about 20 seconds to each part
mentioned below You may say ?Om Santih Santih Santih? 3
times after shifting attention to each part to relax the
tensions there.
Face: 1. forehead 2. eyes 3. ears 4. cheeks 5. nose
6. lips 7. chin 8. whole face 9. breath

Body: 1. Toes 2. finger 3. middle 4. ring 5. small
6. soles 7. uppers 8. heels 9. ankles 10.calves

11.knees 12.thighs out 13.thighs in
14.buttocks 15.waist 16.chest 17.shoulder18.armpit

19.biceps 20.elbows 21.arms 22.wrists 23.thumbs
24.index 25.middle 26.ring 27.small 28.palms

5. Guided visualization

Wait at each step till you are able to get a glimpse of the
image. Don't strain too much; if it doesn't come, let it go.
Next time you sit, try to look at such pictures beforehand,
and try to recall them to your mind.
Imagine that you are sitting near a small stream dangling
your feet in it at the foot hills of Himalayas. You are
feeling a little chill and also a little sweat due to the
afternoon Sun.
1. See a line of swans swiftly flying across the sky. 1min.
2. See the slowly flowing river near your feet. 1min.
3. See a small boulder around which water is gurgling. 3min.
4. See the the huge unmoving range of Himalayas. 1min.
5. Today is the full moon day. See the round moon rising on
the silvery Himalayas. 2min.

6. Flowing Awareness.

Flowing awareness with form:
Imagine that your Guru has materialized before you and
sitting next to you. Keep pressing the feet of your teacher
and keep talking, seeking answers to your doubts. Decide to
act according to the advice given.
Next imagine a red triangle with the angle pointing down. In
its center is a dancing red lingam which is emitting white
sparks upwards like Diwali crackers. Recall picture of
Muladhara wheel.
Imagine that some sages are doing a fire ritual in an
underground temple, and the walls of the temple are
resounding the mantras being uttered. There is a huge image
of a Mother Goddess killing a demon seen in the light of the
fire. There are some women being worshipped by some sages,
seen in the light of fire.
Imagine your favorite Goddess or God or a good friend in
front of you, and that you are chit chatting with them. See
the visions they show you, or do what they ask you to do. If
invited, even make love to them. If the last happens, you
will derive immense benefits and siddhis; because through
making love, the energies are passed on which are of benign
You may be in the company of divine spirits or Apsaras or
Yakshas. They enjoy free love. Join them, letting go of all
human inhibitions. Forget that you are a human being, and
remember your being a divine.

Formless flow of awareness.

Take 3 deep breaths. Let go of all ideas. See darkness.

3min. If any thoughts come, don't judge them as good or bad.
Instead, you may ask, does this belong to the past or to the
future? Or am I imagining it? Remain a pure witness. 7min.
If you get any emotion, try to remain a witness. Don't think
that this emotion should be there, or that this should not
be there. Be a mirror which reflects any thing good or bad
in front of it without choosing. Let go of all choices. If
fear takes hold of you, you help on hand ready by: 1. Pray
to your Guru, 2. Remember the wall of fire and confine the
fear into it. If none of these eliminates your fear, get up
from meditation, wash your hands, feet, eyes, and start
meditation again.

Or, you may get in touch with your teacher. Usually there
are no problems that cannot be solved with the help of your
Guru. Always remember that the deepest fears you have are
mere thoughts and so parts of you, and they can do no harm.
What is there to be afraid of about yourself? They will go
away, Now say, ?I am extremely happy here and now. My life
energy is at its peak. I am full of enthusiasm, energy,
abundance and love. I express my gratitude to all who are
helping me. I am blessed. I bless the whole world.?
Get up from meditation and put down in a dairy all the
thoughts and feelings you have seen or experienced. They
will help you in defining the goals of your life and
deciding your future course of actions.

7. Creating an Astral body.

This is also a guided visualization. Through this procedure,
you will 1. loosen the idea that you are limited only by
your body, and therefore become less sensitive to pain and
pleasure, insult and praise, cold and heat; 2. continue to
exist as a light form lasting for as long as the world
exists, and through that keep, helping others and receive
worship as Goddess Herself. Sit comfortably. Take a deep
breath three times. Repeat the following in your mind. Try
to visualize as clearly as you can. This is an initiation.
Every initiation goes through a gate; here it is the gate of
death and the gate of birth into a new life. This body has
to decay some day. Imagine it dead here and now. All people
known to me, friends and relatives have come to see my body
for the last time. They went round my body three times and
prayed for my soul, and each one poured some water on my
body. The body is tied to a wooden frame. There is one
person carrying an earthen pot of water in front; a
procession of my near and dear followed, to the chants of
Narayana, Narayana. They carried it to the cremation
ground, where there is a funeral pyre ready to receive it.
The frame is kept on the fire wood, all ties removed with
clothes. We come naked into the world, and we go naked from
it. Camphor is placed in all holes of the body, some sandal
wood is placed on the chest, and some small pieces of wood
and then large pieces. The camphor is lighted. Sense the
smell of burning camphor, and see smoke, little lights of
camphor, the smell of burning sandalwood, see sparks, small
pieces of wood lighting up, then the bigger flames. The
person carrying the earthen pot of water went round the
burning pyre 3 times, and threw the pot to the ground. The
pot of water is a symbol of a body containing the life. Pot
is broken, water spilled out and it soaked the earth. Life
which came from earth is returned to it. As the body is
burning, all that belongs to it, namely the feelings of
fear, hate, shame, aversion, class, belongings, family,
relationships, all went back to wherever they came from. I
am witnessing all this. So, strangely, I could not have
died. How can there be death for life? Only the body has
death and decay. We change bodies as simply as changing
clothes. The fire has meanwhile burnt up the whole body. All
that remains of it is just a handful of ashes. It is these
ashes that are worn by Siva as an ornament.
What can this ash need? Does it have any fear? Desires?
Anger or lust or greed or pride or jealousy? Does it know
any good or bad even? Truth or untruth? Nothing whatsoever.
Be in that state of absolute silence for 2 to 3 minutes.
Meanwhile, from somewhere black clouds gathered in the sky.
The whole atmosphere suddenly cooled down and the cool
breeze of impending rain blew. Devi was shining forth as
lightning flashes from the sky to earth, and drops of rain
started falling to the ground. The earth thrilled to the
drops, and emitted the sweet smell of mud wet with the rain.
A divine downpour of cool nectarine rain fell on the ashes.
Because it was nectar the ashes took on a new form. What
kind of a form was that? Like the ball of red Sun rising
fresh on the eastern horizon early in the morning, climbing
slowly up, and changing into bright orange, then extremely
bright white light against the blue sky, but strangely
without the usual heat at all. It came on top of my head,
descended, became a ball of brilliant white light of 5?
diameter and 9? above the head. It stayed there for some
time, descended into my head, and I am experiencing a cool
bright shower of white light in my head. It came down
through my neck, and settled prettily in my heart. My heart
overflowed with joy. There it is emitting millions of
flashes of lightning of all colors of the rainbow: violet,
indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. My whole body
became the body of light, filled from head to foot. The ball
of light split into two, became Devi and Siva. Siva is lying
flat on the lotus in my heart, and Devi is sitting on top of
him in union with Him. The thrill of their union filled my
body. Out of the joy of intercourse came this world of
living beings, it lives for that joy, and when the body
becomes old and cannot sustain life, abandons it to get a
new body.
Now my body is emitting all colors like flashes from every
pointed end of my body; toes, fingers, nipples, eyes. Who
ever is coming into contact with these flashes is being
filled with peace of mind, vitality, strength, pleasure,
wealth, fulfillment of all desires, friendship with all,
erotic pleasures, healing of all diseases of body and mind.
Keep your hand on your heart and say ?Aam Soham, Aam Soham,
Aam, Soham?.

8. Opening and harmonizing the Energy wheels.

There are seven spinning wheels of energy in you. If you pay
attention to the actions given below carefully and remember
them, you will experience these spinning wheels.
1. Muladhara wheel. (Link to picture)
There is a square wheel between anus and the vagina or the
base of the penis. There is a rose color triangle in it. In
its center there is a red phallus moving up and down
emitting white sparks of semen continuously. There is the
Kundalini Shakti, the Serpent Power coiled round the phallus
and drinking the semen being ejaculated. This is the
starting point of the supreme energy of the cosmos
manifesting creation. Imagine a sound ?Lang? starting from
this square wheel and rising up to the crown of the head.
When you are pronouncing this sound, the upper part of the
tongue touches the deep upper palette. You must feel that
touch. Do like this for all the other sounds in other
2. Swadhishtana, six petal wheel. (Link to Picture)
This is the sex center. A trishul shaped like a yoni is
within a six petal wheel. It has an orange color and a
white moon adorns it. At this place, the vibrations of sex
keep going round and round like a wheel. This is the
original seat of the transcendental Goddess, and the meaning
of ?Swadhistana? is that the Shakti resides there. From
there, the sound of Vang  rises to the crown. This is the
seed sound of nectar, being a rose color, a mixture of
semen-white and blood-red. The clitoris is the seat of
Kundalini, identifiable with the Snake God Kumara.
3. Manipura, the belly button wheel. (Link to Picture)
There is a 10 petal wheel around the waist, shining like
fire with yellow and orange colors. From here to the crown
the sound of ?Rang? keeps spreading. Repeat this sound seven
times. This is the wheel of fire which transforms lust into
power. When the ejaculation in men and orgasm in women is
controlled, the Kundalini power does not get its nectar from
the semen or blood; it uncoils, moves up in search of nectar
and shoots up to the wheel in the crown where it gets the
nectar from the moon there. What this means is that the
physical orgasm is replaced by a spiritual orgasm; the
intercourse takes place in the mind, and a supreme
relaxation occurs in the form of a spiritual explosion of
all colors. Some times spiritual aspirants actually see a
hooded cobra dancing in front of their eyes. It represents
the intense sexual energy and the fears associated with it;
nothing more. So there is absolutely no cause for fear if
you come across such experiences. Remember Kumara the
serpent power has as its vehicle the peacock, the born enemy
of snake!
4. Anahata, the wheel of unconditional love. (Link to
There is a 12 petal wheel circulating in air around the
chest. It has yellows and greens, the colors of vegetation.
From here to the crown, the sound of ?Yang? spreads; say it
seven times. By sharing our powers with others, we enter
this wheel of unconditional love. We give because it is our
nature to share; we give without expecting any returns
whatsoever. This wheel brings unbounded prosperity to you,
which grows more and more by giving.

5. Visuddhi, the wheel of astral communication in space.
(Link to picture)
There is a 16 petal wheel around the space in your neck. It
has light and dark blue colors like the sky. It spins to
the sound of ?Hang? which spreads to the crown. Utter this
sound 7 times. By placing attention here, you will acquire
powers like hearing at a distance, seeing far away places,
talking with spirits, Apsaras, Angels, Goddesses and Gods.
This is the wheel of communication in space across immense
distances. The ability to enter another person and know the
experiences as your own is obtained by prolonged practice of
paying attention to this wheel.
6. Ajna, the wheel of time. 
There is a 2 petal lotus between the eye-brows. Focus here
to go across time.
7. Sahasrara, the wheel in the crown of your head. There is a
1000 petal wheel in the head, the brain wheel. It has the
colors of blue and violet and also all colors of rainbow in
a lesser degree. From here the sound of Hreem keeps
emitting light beams flashing above the head.
8. Guru Paduka, wheel of the Supreme being, Yourself. There
is the wheel of the feet of the Supreme Guru 9 inches above
your head. It is in the center pod of the Sahasrar above.
The feet have the letters Hasaum and Sahauh. They are
surrounded by an eight petal lotus. Each petal is abundance
beyond measure, some times also called Ashta Lkashmis and
also Sudarshana. They are filled with millions of round
disks of all colors arranged in the form of worlds in
geometric patterns. By focusing your attention on any disk
you will be able to gain entry into that world, becoming its
creator Brahma, sustainer Vishnu, and Dancer Siva.
The half female, half male form of Sakti Siva -Ardha Nari
Iswara is standing on top of your head, facing the same
direction as you, and the feet above your head belongs to
this form. In this form, the creator Siva is eternally
surrounded by own Yoni, emitting an unending life giving
stream called Ganga. The divine form of this nectar is
Time. The earthly forms of this nectar are the juices of
sex. The physical orgasm loses life energy and ends in a
very short time. But a spiritual orgasm has no end. It is
called ?Brahma ananda, the bliss of creation. The sound of
this creation is like that of an ocean, ?Om?. Suppose there
are a million people in a gathering, each talking to their
neighbors. There is an ocean of sound rising from that
communion. The sound of Om is like that. Your aim is to
raise yourself above your head, merge into that form, and
experience unending spiritual orgasm which you may call is
the dance of the Galaxies, the dance of rising water falls,
divine light and sound show. The joy you experience will
shower your whole body with a thrill never known before.
Experience there is indescribable. You are literally taking
bath in these nectarine waters of life. It is totally free
from tension, very much unlike a physical orgasm. But it
satisfies a million times more. Stay in this state as long
as you can; there can be no higher happiness than this. What
happens then? You are no more in control. There is no you to
be in control. You only experience a feeling, and visions.
It is like you had an intense multiple orgasm, you are
thoroughly satisfied, your body has lost all weight, it is
floating away without walls and ceiling being obstacles, it
is being carried by rainbows, you are rising above the city
you are dwelling, the country, the oceans, the earth, beyond
the Moon, the Sun, entered the star field, the constellation
of Seven Sages (Great Bear), Dhruva (Pole star), beyond
Galaxies, the worlds, and entered the abode of Mother
Goddess, an island of jewels. Witness the playful, and
erotic fun and frolic, singing and dancing, and enjoy the
multiple partners without inhibitions. You enter the source
of the cosmos, Sri Yantra in the womb of the divine
Mother. You become a part of Her to live in waves of beauty,
Soundarya Lahari If I seem to be carried away, it is true,
I am carried away. I had no will of my own. At the will of
the Mother Goddess who loves erotic sentiments (Rati priya)
because Eros is pro-life, I have put down these few thoughts
for you to consider seriously and practice.

9. Affirmations.

1. My body is a temple. All parts of my body are made by
Goddess and are divine. They are seats of all powers:
manifest and latent. They are the real Sakti Peethas.
2. Sex is sacred. It is the source of life. Genitals are
sacred. I worship them as Siva and Sakti.

3. Sri Chakra is located in all the female genitals at the
clitoris. It has been called the Jewel in the Lotus. It is
most sacred, and secret, yet known to every one. I worship
the Sri Chakra, a circle of devotees to connect me to the
source of cosmos.

4. Whatever whatever sins I committed, I did in a state of
ignorance. Then I was in a hypnosis. Now I am awake. This
awakened being did not commit those things. I do not feel
shame, nor will I punish myself for what I was. Past is
past, gone for ever. I forgive myself, as I forgive all
others the wrongs they did to me. Now I can laugh at my
mistakes, and others ignorance. Is a five year old less than
a ten year old? All are evolving. I don't have to hate
ignorance. Darkness cant be where light is.

5. I love myself. I deserve love. I deserve riches. I
deserve joy, happiness, health. I have them. I share them. I
will see people's happiness.

6. I will think of Goddess always. In my sadness, in my
pleasure. More so in my pleasure, because that is when I
tend to forget Her.
7. My mother, father, guru, guests, relatives and friends,
and all help me; I express my gratitude for their help every
day mentally and through actions. I will serve them with
compassion. 8. Even my enemies have life; and life is Devi.
So I respect them, forgive them, and try to look at their
point of view and make friends. If I can't do it, I will
love them all the same, do not reject them, but maintain a
respectful distance. My love does not expect that they
should love me in return. It has no conditions attached. I
share because I like sharing. That is all. 9. Expressing
love through thought word and deed are the sure means for
unlimited abundance, health, and pleasure. It is my birth
right to enjoy these good things of life. 10. In every
outgoing breath, my anxieties and worries are getting out.
With every incoming breath, peace is coming in. I am happy
here and now. I have plenty of energy flowing through me. I
am enjoying bliss, energy, wealth, love and pleasure
independent of external circumstances.
Mark those that appeal to you. Repeat them every day and
make them your own. You will see your life change in
perceptible ways.

Amrita 1998