This unique temple is built to tell you that you are goddesses and gods.
If you like, you can be like them too. You are free here. Nobody stops you.
All the powers shown here are dormant in you subconsciously.
Your sadhana consists in bringing them out to use them for
loving yourself, improving yourself and all those around you.

You gain nothing by leering or laughing at the goddesses here.
You gain everything by understanding your own nature reflected by them.
You are beautiful, lovable, just as you are. You are erotic. Nothing wrong with that!
You can create your identity and destiny. You are not powerless.
You don't have to be what others tell you to be.
We are with you in empowering you to be yourself.

Sit in front of the icons. Talk to them. Listen to the answers in your mind.
The highest offering you can make to anyone is yourself.
This is exactly what the Goddesses are doing. They have nothing to hide.
They are parts of you. They love you. That is why they have no shame.
They are not afraid of what others say about them. You can be like them.

You have made a special attempt to come here. We love you.
Thank you for your visit. We hope you enjoyed the graceful offering
of themselves the Goddesses have given you.