See Goddess fast. Try this. It works.


See Goddess fast.  Try this. It works.


I ask for my Guru Devi’s blessings. They are with me here and now. 

1. Oh Devi, I have removed all my masks: anger, doubt, fear, shame, aversion, family, race and expectations of my conduct. 

2. I have kept a fresh soft lotus in my heart for you to come and occupy.

3. I entreat you, please come, and enter it with your refreshingly cool and lotus-golden- white lights.

4. Fill me from head to toe with your glorious love, beauty, pleasure, wisdom, light, music, dance, poetry and compassion.

5. Let me enjoy waves after waves of these qualities in an unending series.

6. Protect me from evil.

7. I am open to your direction from within and without.  Bless me in a crystal clear voice. Let me see your divine vision constantly in the lake of my clear mind and with my physical eyes. 

8. Never leave me even for a moment.

9. I will not live without you.  When my time comes, take me into your heart.

10. Enable me to be useful to all living beings to make them realize your beauty and love. This is my constant prayer, aspiration and goal of my life.

Notice that this prayer has several important components.

  1. Removing masks. Being your true self.
  2. Setting apart a lovely place for your divine presence.
  3. Entreaty to divine to come with healing colors of lotus lights.
  4. Let every nook and corner be filled with divine qualities.
  5. This invocation is like a series of waves building up energy.
  6. Seeking protection against false entities trying to lead you astray.
  7. Surrender and opening up to divine presence and guidance.
  8. Determination not to live without divine presence.
  9. Preparedness for ultimate merger without limits.
  10. Helping others is your nature. Therefore you help.

Spare 1 hour a day. Try it for 40 days in a row, 3 times daily. Repeat 3 times, stay silent for 20 minutes each time. All ye who tried speak of the result to me, positive or negative.

Amrita, Devipuram 531001.  4 Sep  2002