Sri Vidya Trust


Sri Vidya Trust was established as a charitable trust in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh in the year 1982 with the objects of installing a temple of learning, to educate the various sects of the world about the ancient truth and wisdom and to educate through the media of interpretative culture forms such as songs, dance, drama, rituals etc, the Upanishadic, Vedic and Agamic thoughts.

The founder is Dr. N. Prahlada Sastry who was ordained by a divine injunction from Goddess Bala Tripura Sundari to build a temple in the form of a Sri Chakra.

It is said that the famed sage JagadguruVidyaranya of Sringeri Sarada Peetham(14th century) too had the same sankalpa !Sri Chakra is the greatest of the geometric forms (Yantras) into which the cosmic energy is invoked and worshipped.

This temple in rural Visakhapatnam district, was built over the years 1983 to 1994, with the support of friends, well-wishers and spiritual seekers of the Sri Vidya tradition and was consecrated in 1994.

Large in dimension, it measures 108 ft by 108 ft and 54 ft tall, it is till date the only three-dimensional Sri Chakra into which one can walk into! Since then it has developed into a centre for Sakti Sadhana and is a unique experience as people of all races, faiths, caste, nationality or gender are welcome to come and learn the various rituals and practices of Sri Vidya. Indeed, the list of seekers from different countries across the world is testament to this. The calm environs of Devipuram provide a matchless ambience where seekers have access to authentic material, simplified for the average layman and taught at an easy pace by trained practitioners, using a unique blend of theory and practice.

The trust has also directed efforts towards rural development in keeping with the adage ‘ Maanavasevaye Maadhavaseva’. Non-formal education for children, residential school for child labor, low-cost housing and women empowerment programs are some of the areas of work. The education programs were under the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Trust has collaborated with NABARD through their Rural Innovation programs. It is one of the leading NGOs in the district with active co-ordination with the district administration. Jagruthi MACTs, a womens’ co-operative established by Sri Vidya Trust has been working since 1995 with about 15,000 families across close to 100 villages.

Vision and Mission

What Does Devipuram Stand For?

Devipuram is a Universal Concept that at its Centre, embodies unconditional Faith in the Feminine Goddess. This Faith embraces Expansion (over contraction), Expression (over suppression), Nurturing (over control), Inclusiveness (over exclusiveness) and Freedom (over bondage).

This Universal Concept is transformed into Action through the development; teaching and dissemination of rigorously-tested and replicable tools for harmonious living that integrate spiritual pursuits with day-to-day life activities. It also provides a platform for bridging ancient traditions and modern thinking , and leveraging both concurrently; the critical insight here being that material abundance and spiritual joy can coexist symbiotically.

Thus, theVision for Devipuram as articulated by Guruji, Sri Amritananda Saraswathi is to

    • Create a unique Spiritual Learning Centre based on the knowledge and teachings of Sri Vidya Upasana that propagates the Universal Concept.

    • This Learning Centre is unique because it provides an immersive, experiential journey through Sri Vidya Upasana and rewards its learners with a deeply spiritual experience that is the foundation of a rich, productive and sustainable life. The Learning Centre is not just a “University” imparting knowledge – it also helps you experience this knowledge through series of practices and experiences.

The Guiding Principles & The Path We Follow

The Devipuram Psyche is a full and seamless alignment of:

    • Respect and reverence for yourself and for all of life;

    • Embracing diversity as a cornerstone for growth and vitality; and

     • Making an impact on and transforming people’s thinking and lives, worldwide.

The rituals and practices that we teach, perform and practice will empower people with the tools necessary to move towards Happiness. The ancient, proven wisdom of Sri Vidya is our main methodology of empowerment. Sri Vidya asserts that at some level, everyone is a God or Goddess and we wish to bring this understanding into our daily interactions.

Visitors to Devipuram should feel that they have really come home, irrespective of from which part of the world they hail. Ultimately, we want to ensure that Sri Vidya is accessible to all without limitations of gender, caste, creed or faith – this is what makes Devipuram a unique and truly Universal Concept.

These are our Guiding Principles and we relentlessly adhere to them in letter and spirit, in the firm belief that transformation in people’s lives and thinking is singularly important, more than monetary, material and recognition goals.