Karya Sidhi Ganapati

Ganapati is the Jyestharaja - the first one to be worshipped, because he is the one who creates the obstacles and clears them for you and enables your growth.

Karya Siddhi means the One who brings to fruition our plans/ work. Karya Siddhi Ganapati at Devipuram divines the wishes of His devotees and makes them come true. Devotees break a coconut and make 28 circumambulations around the temple while devoutly reciting the Ganapati mantra and at the end, pray for fulfilment of their wishes. They return, next time to express their thanks to the benevolent Ganesha with a joyous 108 circumambulations and 108 coconuts!

Devotees can perform the Panchamrutha abhishekam ( Abhisehkam with the five nectars of life – milk, curds, ghee, honey, sugar and fruit juices) on every Chaturthi tithi , to the chants of Mahaganapati Mantra and Ganapati Atharva sheersham. Ganesha Navaratri celebrations are performed every year.