Learn and do Srividya and fire rituals with teachers. Walk into the largest Sri Chakra temple in the world. Adore Khadga Mala dieties. Bathe 1000 lingas simultaneously in Dakshavati. Receive blessings of Kamakhya on the hill slope. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the place sitting in the Pyramid from its top. Worship the natural form of Siva linga in the hill temple. Meet new friends with music and dance in Open-air auditorium.

Pujas / Sevas / Rituals

Devipuram houses the unique Srichakra temple and is the place for Srividya Upasana and for expanding our consciousness to the size of the whole universe. Pujas and Homas go on throughout the day. Festive seasons are filled with unique pujas and homas which devotees can sponsor and get the blessings of Sri Sahasrakshi, the presiding deity of Devipuram and Sri Annapoornamba sameta Sri Amritananda.

If you want to get any particular puja done on your name in the temple on any particular day, kindly mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it your name and Gotra details. The puja requested would be done on time and the prasadam will be sent to the address you mention in the email.

Payment Information
Kindly refer to the following URL: Payment Info

The following are the pujas and their corresponding donations.

1. Khadmala Stotram - Rs. 50 or US$20

2. Lalita Sahasranama  - Rs. 100 or US$50

3. Varahi sahitha Chandi Homam on Sundays
(First week of the month) - Rs. 2000 or US$100

4. New Moon day or Full Moon day Abhishekam - Rs. 200 or US$20

5. Sri Chakra Nava Avarana Puja - Rs. 350 or US$50

6. Dasamaha vidya sahitha Lalitha Homam
(all Sundays except first sunday)  - Rs. 2000 or US$100

7. Rahu kala puja
(for removing obstacles due to rahu and kuja doshas)  - Rs. 200 or US$20

8. Kalasarpa puja
(for removing the doshas due to kalasarpa yoga and rahu dosha and sharpa dosha)  - Rs. 300 or US$30
(per puja. Should be performed on mondays 11 times)

9. Navagraha Homam - Rs. 500 or US$50

10. Pasupatha Homam - Rs. 2000 or US$100

Values in INR are applicable only to the Indian residents. For devotees living in other countries, values in US$ are applicable

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