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Basic4: Q&A

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1) In what order should (pran pratishtha + khadamala + Gurunamas), sri chakra nyasa, e empowerment, Abhishekam to Ashta Matrukas in Sri Chakra, and aksharmala japa - be done in case someone wants to do them all.

Ans: The order for doing all these will be given in website.  It is not yet ready.

2) can we share some of the mantras and practices you are teaching us like panchadasi or prana pratistha, viraja homa

Ans: Yes, you can.

3) Is there any significance to the color of the asana we sit on while doing sadhna.
What color is recommended for sri vidya upasana if any.

Ans: White is satvic. Red is rajasic. Rose, a mix of both is satvic and rajasic. I suggest white if you don’t have many desires; and red if you do.

4) As per :
Every Sri Vidya Upasaka who has received Panchadasi or higher mantras is supposed to recite the set of mantras...
Is there any place where we can download the mantras audio. The links on the above webpage seem to be broken.

Ans: The site is not designed or maintained by me. Somebody  took my permission to put tantric aspects of
Srividya there. Some I have seen, some not. Please checkout for whatever I have personally contributed.

5) this is my first class  guruji  where can i find info about your previous class

Ans: All course materials are in sequence order in

6) this is my first class guruji, how do i start from beginning, will this discourse be given again

Ans: All course materials are in sequence order in  You can download from there as it gets uploaded, which is roughly once a week. We are learning to streamline the process.

7)Guruji, where to concentrate and what to contemplate when reciting 15 letters and 28?

Ans: The question is about shodasakhari. The answer is given in Bindubhedanam. We will come to that later on.

8) how to invoke Nitya Devis? and what do they do?

Ans: They are repeating time slots in a lunar calendar. They teach you about cyclic nature of time, and the cycles therein.

9) is there a manasa srichakra puja, or khadgamala stotram itself is one.

Ans: Video of Manasa puja is given, so is remembering Khadgamala locs in Srichakra building part by part in mind’s eye. Both videos are in site.

10) This is different from the normal patern, especially at the eight petaled enclosure. If we are familiar with the regular pattern should we continue to use that to form the chakra in the mind.

Ans: You could use any pattern in mind. Because language is serial and the hole is parallel. You can describe a picture in any sequence of its elements. Som sequences are more important, and closer to our experience of time. Our experience of time is linear, goes fast in good company or slows down when bored, serial for some time and jumps as in deams, stops during sleep. A sequence may be preferred or easier to creat a mind map. All such maps are valid.

11) Guruji, what is Shaktipat and how is it different from mantra diksha

Ans: Shakti path is through physical or astral touch. Manra deeksha is through sound.

12) we practice panchadasi without  mantra upadesam

Ans: It is good to have upadesam. Where will you go if in doubt? Yo the person who initiated you right?

13) Dear Guruji - is there a particular reason/significance why the pointer in this visualisation moves in anticlockwise order.

Ans: Clockwise is the normal order. When it goes other way, you are going back in time to the source.

14) Guruji what is the sthotram that is played in the audio of 'manasa puja'?

Ans: Siva manasa puja by Shankara. Ratnaih kalpitam asanam…

15) In the video "Create SriYantra in mind's eye" What are the 4 colour dots shown in the video within each triangle & petal?

Ans: They are just markers. I had in mind Kamakala face, breasts and yoni which shows that every form is enlivened by a particular desire of the Goddess.

16) how can one invoke Kadgamala Devis in one's body? any particular days for particular Devis?

Ans: There is a file called Gandharva tantra rendered into English by Mike Magee. It is given in one of the course study materials.

17) guruji the waY WE  MOVE IN  the second chakra seems different than that suggested i  khadgamala section in the site

Ans: Yes indeed. Please see answer to question 10 above. The wholistic view is mapped by a linear scan by language. There a lot of information loss in that process.

18) Guruji do the mudras have any other meaning  than being symbolic? Do they have to be done or are mantras enough?

Ans: We are invoking powers into fingers through karanyasa. These energies combine in different ways to produce new energies.

19) Where do you place the DigDevatas? Between 8 petaled and 14 cornered enclosures?

Ans: Inside the square. 4 corners and four entrances.

20) where is a man's Yoni? is it around his Lingam or on his Brain? This leads to another question: where is Sarva Siddipradaya Chakra located?

Ans: Both. A triangle  is up or down or sideways. Is it male or female? Gender is an attribute, characteristic to distinguish one class of of objects from others.

21) Guruji for manasa puja i am not able to recollect all the triangles of sri chakra is all so confusing- any suggestion for better improvement to remember Sri chakra

Ans: That is why I simplified the sequence in mental visualization.

22) Where do you focus on the spine for the following mantras?

Om Gum Ganapataye Namah?   

Ans: Tip of spine. Or G-spot.

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Klee Saraswatyai Swahaa?

Ans: Tip of tongue.

Guru Mantra?

Ans: Depends on which Guru. Sri guru at genital, param at heart. Parameshti at third eye, paratpara at sahasrara.


Ans: Genital Bala name means bracketed by ba and la- ba bha ma ya ra la)

Gayatri Mantra?

Ans: Navel center.

23) guruji,how do i invoke any particular devi grace in khadgamala devis

Ans: By puja, concentration, japa. Ex: am aam souh anima sidddhyai namah.

24) when do we do the dasa mudras Request puja to Devi before starting limbs of Goddess.

25) Guruji, in the Nyasa doc, the nyasa points on our body are unclear from banini, chapini onwards. Can you clarify them?

Ans: Imagine you are Lalita, holding the weapons. Which hand holds what? Visualise that.

26) Can you please tell why the khadgamala devis are depicted that way. ?

Ans: They are sensual energies in you nature. To access powers of creation, open genital area is needed. Nature is always nude. Nudity removes the boundary between you and all that surrounding you.

27) is there a manasa srichakra puja, or khadgamala stotram itself is one.

Ans: See answer above.


Ans: B4-9 khadgamala is used normally.

29) Dear Guruji - is there a particular reason/significance why the pointer in this visualisation moves in anticlockwise order.

Ans: Time goes back.

30) Guruji, please help me understand this.In the previous classes, you had mentioned that Devi is in everyone. If Devi is in everyone, and if Devi in person "X" has lied, cheated etc to me, then isn't it the Devi in me who is upset/hurt/angry ? How do I react to this? Is sprituality my strength or weakness?

Ans: Devi is freedom and bondage, repulsion and attraction, friend and foe. Don’t react, remain cool, saying that when you love, where is the time for judgements? The world is what it is. It cant be created without attractions and repulsions.

31) How can one incorporate mudras and khadgamala stora in daily worhsip?

Ans: Show mudras to Goddess / living person and get permissions. Recite khadgamala looking at parts of Sri Chakra where they are located. Mentally offer a flower to the Goddess there.

32) guruji can gurupaduka mantra replace khadgamala deities, while going around the srichakra

Ans: Any mantra can go round Sri Chakra.

33) guruji can you expain the daily khadgamala file on devipuram site please?

Ans: This requires a tantric forum. Let us have a separate forum where sacred sensuality can be discussed openly.

34) guruji can we just do pranpratista and then give healing to others

Ans: Yes you can, you should.

35) Guruji namasthe, is this an online only course or can i join the course in ashram?

Ans: Ashram courses will be decided and executed by the current peethadhipati. I am the ex peethadhipati. I only work though virtual  classes which suit my age and restricted motion.

36) pranam guruji do we have to recite prana mantra every time we do devi puja

Ans: Good to do it. We enhace pan every time.

37) Guruji, How can I reach Turiya State?

Ans: You are in Turiya state between thoughts. Thoughts cannot disturb the fourth state.

38) to get panchadasi mantra  siddi do we need to  do aksharalakhsha japam

Ans: Yes, with devotion nad intensity. You must be in love with Goddess all the time.

39) When you get visions regarding Chakra what do afterwards.

Ans: Notice, write in a diary, then let it go. If they indicate need for a particular action, use your discrimination, seek help from guru and do it.

40) should daily khadgamala be said before reciting khadgamala stotra

Ans: Not necessary.

41)Guruji I am a painter and have painted canvases of Srichakra. It has been a wonderful experience, but I saw on your website it is not allowed

Ans: Who said no allowed? I have been asking people to draw many many Srichakras as a sadhana.

42) Guruji can mudras can be done at any other time than in time of pooja?

Ans: What is the use?

43) Dear Guruji once one has mastered these techniques and mastered them to a certain amount.  Is it necessary to continue, or can one get the silent state and just remain there?  ?

Ans: Yes, the rituals drop off on their own when you don’t need them. From doing you move to being.

44) when dasa mudras will be used

Ans: To request permission from Goddess or person you are worshipping. Or to give healing in chakras. Or to balance chakras.

45) Guru garu, if we can't follow all the B1 to B4 teachings at once everyday can we do in steps?

Ans: You have to it in steps.

46) how often should we draw sri chakra in the mind

Ans: Once a day.

47) is there a manasa srichakra puja, or khadgamala stotram itself is one.

Ans: Answered above.

48) how should one recite daily khadgamala

Ans: From 1st day to Pournami and again 1st day to Amavasya, do it in the sequence given in the daily khadgamala.

49)Guruji..rgdg Rekha ji's question, i also saw a doc in which it was mentioned sri chakra should not be used as a wall hanging? Is this true?

Ans: Sri chakra on the wall is for meditation only. Cant be used for archana, which is touch oriented.

50) In the video "Create SriYantra in mind's eye" What are the 4 colour dots shown in the video within each triangle & petal?

Ans: They are just indicators of the position where you are imagining the petal or triangle.

51) Kindly advise me that before srichaka pooja, whether we have to conduct Panchayatana pooja or we can directly go for Bala Mantra etc., directly to

Ans: Panchayatana puja is vedic. In tantric puja, you can go directly to Bala puja. Amba can be approached any way. Panchayatana includes Amba; all are equally important for manifestation.

52)  Can you please tell why the khadgamala devis are depicted that way.

Ans: Which way? Do you mean that some kahdgamala deities are nude? Nudity means the state of innocence as if you are just born baby. It is the natural state of a yogi or yogini who feels that the his or her consciousness is not limited by the clothes, it goes beyond it in all directions. All nature is nude. It does not mean nature is impure or obscene. People in male dominated cultures however equate nudity with obscenity. In hindu tantric traditions, nudity (as in naked sadhu- avadhuta- digambara) and pleasures of sex are sacred offerings to the godess of fertility. People are doing it all the time in the bedroom. But they do not accept that it is sacred. They think it should be done in secret, without light, and god is offended if he sees it. They forget that God/dess in everyone, and is a witness to every action, good or bad. How can you hide it from your own consciousness, the goddess or the god or guru in you?

53) my question before is why longer versus shorter form of khadga mala and if any better?

Ans: They are not longer, if you consider that only one of the fifteen malas is used in a day.

54) Guruji on the site it says that Srichakra is not used as a wall hanging, i.e. in vertical position

Ans: Sri chakra on the wall is for meditation only. Cant be used for archana, which is touch oriented. Already answered.

55) If one expereineces strong counter and closckwwise motions in mediation... waht is the significance?

Ans: It is the churning of Meru parvata in your body, which yields divine gifts like kamadhenu, kalpataru, Lakshmi, Vessel of immortality giving fluid, called Soma of the holy grail.

56) Can we get Daily Khadgamals pdf file in Telugu?

Ans: You can find it in Maa book in Telugu.

57) is there a place we can download all the goddess of sri-yantra pics as shown in the video?

Ans: You can dowload the video which has all the pictures. There was also an interactive CD (outof stock), where you could learn positions, names, forms and a sloka of Soundarya Lahari rendered by Sudha Raghunathan.

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