Kala means a part of Nature, Avahana means invitation. It is a sacred ritual. It brings the Mother nature's powers into oneself through touch or awareness. Performing this ritual opens the powerful benefits of sri chakra puja to you which has been kept very secret so far.

The ritual of Kalavahana places divine energies into your body by touching its parts with mantras. It is followed by a sacred bath and puja to you as Goddess. It starts with activating all the 51 energy centers in the body to receive energies. These energy centers correspond to 51 bija mantras.

Kalavahana connects inexhaustible nature powers into powers of an indiviual. Impossible for an individual becomes possible if the world supports it. The world consists of the six elements: solid, liquid, plasma, air, space and time. They contain wild and aggressive powers which become benign when controlled. They are located in 6 chakras in body, well known in Yoga. After inviting all of mother Nature's powers, the individual is worshipped as the symbol of Goddess. This completes the ritual.

Kalavahana, an empowerement ritual is performed as taught to us by Guruji who learnt it from Goddess Himself.