Siri Jyothi

Siri Jyoti is an empowerment ritual designed by Guruji, which means wealth of light. It is a group ritual performed to the Sri Chakra opening the immense benefits of performing Chakra puja to us. Doing this enables you to enjoy life, sing, and dance through it.

In Guruji’s words: “We have to move from I as an individual to we as a collective.

We have to join as a team and work towards a common goal. One common goal can be empowering each one of us and the team. To achieve this goal, we can create a simple team building fun event near our own homes.

By shedding unnecessary alienation from each other, we glow emitting rainbow shades of light and love. I have created a simplified ritual from an ancient wisdom called Srividya, which has stood the test of time. It is a good gift we can offer to ourselves. It takes 1 hr to draw a Srichakra, 1 hr to decorate it, one hr to do ritual and 1 hr to celebrate. Can be learned in a day!"